SkinnyDebbie is a distribution flavorizer that sits on top of a minimal Debian Lenny Network Install. Its main task is to integrate the following windowing and desktop components into an efficient desktop environment:

  • IceWM: a lightweight yet full-featured window manager
  • ROX-Filer: a fast and light file and desktop manager
  • Yasis: an icon set that is more inviting than the default Gnome icons
  • XDM: the classic display manager that is more resource-friendly than GDM or KDM

SkinnyDebbie also installs a handful of utilities and other applications that you will need to have a reasonably smooth GUI system, and it does as much configuration as it can for you. It installs a few custom scripts that simplify basic system management, and it configures some theme stuff so the whole experience is almost attractive.

It doesn't install a boatload of applications the way full-fat distributions do--mostly because if you are interested in running a light-and-lean setup there is a very good chance that you are already challenged for storage space. Thus, we figure it is best to leave the decisions regarding what application software you need up to the you.

However, it does install Iceweasel, Debian's rebranded version of the Firefox Web browser, because not having a Web browser is simply insane. It also installs some media applications to help you get started with music and video playback in Linux.

SkinnyDebbie is an independent project and is not affiliated with Debian or SPI.

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