Important note: These instructions apply to Debian 5 "Lenny", which is no longer the current stable Debian release and is likely no longer supported. These instructions will not work with Debian's current stable (Debian 6 "Squeeze" at the time of this writing). At the present time, there is no version of Skinny Debbie available for Debian 6 "Squeeze".*

Before proceeding with an install, you may want to look over some of SkinnyDebbie's limitations to make sure there are no deal-breakers for you.

To install SkinnyDebbie:

  1. Do a virgin Debian Network Install without any desktop environment using the netinst images for the 5.08 "Lenny" release that is appropriate to your hardware and download method. Most users will probably want the CD for i386 computers via direct download:

    Important: Do not install a desktop environment when you install the Debian base system. When the Debian installer asks you about the groups of packages you want to install, be sure that the Desktop environment option is not selected.

    Important: Do not install the current stable release of Debian (version 6 or "Squeeze").

  2. Restart the system and login with the regular user account you created during the installation. (Don't login as root.)

  3. At the command prompt, type the following command:

  4. Type the following command and let the process complete:

     bash install