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Roadmap for SkinnySqueeze

Packages should be developed using Makefiles. Then try to use Makefiles to build Debian packages.

  1. Develop basic skinny-desktop package: no utils/tools/screen setting apps/etc.
  2. Derive and implement (as needed) “control panel” items
    1. utils/tools/screen settings apps/etc. (non-root tools)
    2. user manager/update manager/etc (root tools)
  3. Derive and implement (as needed) Slim or XDM or or other login manager.
  4. Make a meta package assembling the above

Consider two meta-packages:

  1. skinny-debbie : Slim + DIY update-manager
  2. skinny-stuffy : GDM + update-manager (lets openbox do hibernate, suspend, etc. via gdm-control)
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