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Following are some known limitations and bugs in the current release of SkinnyDebbie.

High priority

I want to resolve these issues before doing anything else:

  • I am doing development in a virtualized enviroment, and so I will not able to test automounting and audio until I can access my real test machine in September. So..
    • Automounting is not tested
    • Audio is not tested
  • The clock is not updated automatically
  • There is no trash can. When you delete something, it's gone forever.

Some priority

The following issues will be dealt with after the above are resolved:

  • Networking works fine if you are using a regular Ethernet connection and DHCP. But if you plan to use a wireless connection, if you do not want to use DHCP, or if you want to go really old-school with a dialup modem, you will have to do additional configuration
    • I hope to add documentation regarding how to do at least some of these (wireless especially).
    • Until then Google is your friend.
  • Touchpad configuration is not supported

No priority

These will probably not be dealt with unless I discover some low-hanging fruit for doing so.

  • Advanced power management (sleep, suspend) is completely untested. It may work, it may not; but testing and tweaking this is not a priority.
  • Multiple monitors. SkinnyDebbie was confingured for single monitor use. Use of multiple monitors is untested. It may work, it may not; but testing and tweaking this is not a priority.
  • Accessibility features (large print, high-contrast window decoration, etc.) don't exist.
  • Internationalization. The custom scripts and other bits are mostly written to make it easy to implement translated versions, but no translations are available at present.
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