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-+====== Welcome to the SkinnyWiki ====== 
-Apple has built a vast following of millions of loyal users over the years by maintaining a consistent level of quality across its range of products. Most Apple users prefer to replace their old computers with new versions from the same brand because of the excellent performance that these devices offer. For the newer versions that enter the product line, the price tag is bound to be high too. Not everyone can afford to purchase the latest and more advanced models from Apple to replace their old computers with. But it is possible to get recent models at relatively cheap prices if you buy a refurnished computer or opt for an Apple computer rental.<br />What is a [[|calculatoare sh]]?? Well basically, it is a machine that has been returned to the manufacturer (this can be for many reasons) and it has been repaired or altered to behave just like a brand new machineAs consumers have a right to return new items even for the smallest scratch, there can often be huge savings to be made for the refurb buyer, as the manufacturer wants to get rid of the return.<br />There is no need to be hesitant if you are considering purchasing a used laptop. In most cases, you will find that your laptop will perform just as well as a brand-new computer. And if your used laptop is refurbished, there is a strict set of guidelines that companies must follow when reselling these computers to the general public.<br />Computers and accessories are no doubt cheaper today than what you had to pay for them a few years back, yet they represent a major investment and when planning to buy one, you should be prepared to pay anything between $500 and $2000 for a quality computer that has all the important features you need. Purchasing computer should never be done on a whim which you will regret later on. Therefore its in your best interest to do some research or inquire from colleagues who know about computers what you should buy.<br />So there is another benefit, our refurbished equipment comes directly from the computer companies that manufacture them so you know their full resource and expertise has been used in the refurbishment which is how we can offer a 3 month replacement warranty.<br />Make sure you only buy from a source you know you can trust. This would be something like a popular electronics site or a well known auction site. Some guy you met on a message board or some shady character unloading computers from the back of a truck is hardly going to be able to be held accountable if your computer turns out to be a piece of junk!<br />Although this is another one that has gotten better as the competition has gotten stronger, there is a chance of defects in cheaper products. Your motherboard could be faulty, your power supply might give up after a month or two. These may not be intentional problems, but come hand in hand with "cheap computer stuff".<br />So to summarise - buying a refurb computer is great if you do not want the top specification and if you buy from a large store near you. You can often save up to 50% on these models rather than buying a new model.+This is the official wiki for the [[|SkinnyDebbie]] project. 
 +There's not much to see yetbut while you are here you can 
 +  * Browse the [[:FAQ]] 
 +  * Read about some [[:packages]] 
 +  * Read bit about the [[:philosophy|philosophy of flavorizers]] 
 +  * Learn about some of the [[:limitations]] of SkinnyDebbie 
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